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2011, Cilt 1, Sayı 3, Sayfa(lar) 128-133
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DOI: 10.5961/jhes.2011.019
A Model Offer on the Formation of Quality Assurance for Turkish Higher Education Institutions
İbrahim BELENLİ1, Durmuş GÜNAY2, Ercan ÖZTEMEL3, Ali DEMİR3, Funda SİVRİKAYA ŞERİFOĞLU4, Muzaffer ELMAS5, Resul ERYİĞİT6, Orhan AYDIN7, Muharrem KILIÇ8
1Hakkari University, HAKKARİ, TURKEY
2Turkish Council of Higher Education, ANKARA, TURKEY
3Student Selection and Placement Center, ANKARA, TURKEY
4Düzce University, DÜZCE, TURKEY
5Sakarya University, SAKARYA, TURKEY
6Abant İzzet Baysal University, BOLU, TURKEY
7Karadeniz Technical University, TRABZON, TURKEY
8Akdeniz University, ANTALYA, TURKEY
Keywords: Higher education, Higher education institutions, Quality assurance system, Accreditation, Turkey

In this study, a model offer developed by considering the legislations, current structure and the higher education system in our country after world's existing quality assurance systems were examined. Turkey's potential to be one of the leading countries in the field of higher education can be utilized by creating a well-functioning quality assurance system. It is a crucial point that the accreditation process, which is an important component of quality assurance system, should be conducted by independent accreditation bodies. On the other hand, unlike many Western countries, the establishment of the universities by law and being financed almost entirely by the central government in our country necessitate the existence of a central structure. The model presented in this study aims to reach a balanced solution and to create a dynamic structure. The model will allow significant progress and development in such fields as research and service because of directly affecting the functioning of higher education institutions as well as being mainly for providing quality assurance of education activities in higher education.

[ Türkçe Özet ] [ Tam Metin ] [ PDF ] [ Benzer Makaleler ]
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