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2015, Cilt 5, Sayı 2, Sayfa(lar) 156-164
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DOI: 10.5961/jhes.2015.118
A New Approach in Higher Education: The Students’ Views on Flipped Classroom Method
Zeynep TURAN, Yüksel GÖKTAŞ
Atatürk University, Faculty of Education, Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technologies, Erzurum, Turkey
Keywords: Flipped classroom, Student views, Blended learning, Educational video

The purpose of this study is to determine the students’views on ‘flipped classroom’ method. The study was carried out within 10 weeks with 58 early childhood education students. The case study method was used in this study. The data were collected by means of semi-structured interviews and student view questionnarie. Descriptive analysis method was used in the data analysis process. Study results showed that students had very positive views about the ‘flipped classroom’ method. Students stated that ‘flipped classroom’ method increases the retention of learning, facilitates the learning, is entertaining and flexible. Despite many advantages students stated that this method had also some disadvantages such as the lack of technical tools, being very time consuming and the need for watching videos before lesson.

[ Türkçe Özet ] [ Tam Metin ] [ PDF ] [ Benzer Makaleler ]
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