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2015, Cilt 5, Sayı 3, Sayfa(lar) 324-334
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DOI: 10.5961/jhes.2015.134
The Tourism Department Students' Opinions About Internship Training: Case of Gaziantep Province
Atınç OLCAY1, İbrahim YILDIRIM2, Metin SÜRME3
1Gaziantep University, Higher School of Tourism Management, Gaziantep, Turkey
2Gaziantep University, Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Sciences, Gaziantep, Turkey
3Gaziantep University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Business Administration, Gaziantep, Turkey
Keywords: Tourism education, Internship training, Student's opinions

Providing the maximum benefit from tourism industry will be possible by an effective and high quality education system of tourism. Therefore, Student's internship training which will be carried out in accordance with the purposes at tourism companies will provide better preparation for their professions. As a result: the tourism industry's need to skilled manpower will be fulfilled too. Accordingly, Internship's capability to respond the requests and needs and the student's satisfaction of having internship training are very important. It is estimated that the students who are not satisfied with their internship can be doubtful about performing this profession. In this context; the purpose of the research is to identify the tourism student's opinions about internship training and at the same time to identify if there is a statistically significant difference between the student's gender and the sector that they have internship with the opinions about their internship training. With this purpose, questionnaires were applied to 126 students studying at The Vocational School of Higher Education for Tourism and Hotel Management at Gaziantep University. In conclusion, considering the views of the students about the internship program, it was seen that the students are generally indecisive. Nevertheless, there has been no statistically significant difference between the student's genders, the sectors they have internship training at and their opinions about the internship trainings.

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