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2017, Cilt 7, Sayı 2, Sayfa(lar) 235-246
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DOI: 10.5961/jhes.2017.203
The Opinions of Academicians from a Foundation University on School, Education and Society
Burçak Ceren AKPINAR1, Devrim AKGÜNDÜZ2
1İstanbul Aydın University, Institute of Social Sciences, Master of Arts Program of Education Administration and Supervision, Istanbul, Turkey
2Istanbul Aydın University, Faculty of Education, Department of Computer Education and Educational Technology, Istanbul, Turkey
Keywords: Opinions of academicians, Education, Society, School, Ideal school

The aim of this research was to examine the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship between education and society facts in relation to the cultural, economic and spatial discrepancies based on the views of academicians. The research questions were determined as: (i) Is there a relationship between the concepts of education and community and parent’s economic power? (ii) Is there a relationship between education and community concepts and cultural differences of individuals? (iii) Is there a relationship between education and community concepts and spatial differences? The design of the study was qualitative ‘case study’. The study was conducted with the participation of eight academics working in various departments at the faculty of education at a foundation university. Semi-structured interviews were made with academicians in the study group. Data were analyzed with descriptive analysis technique. This research mostly focused on the relationship among the economic, social, cultural and spatial factors and the education concept. As a result, it was revealed that (i) the children of families in higher income groups studied at top schools whereas the children of families in lower income groups studied at schools in disadvantaged areas, (ii) these two groups displayed differences related to finding employment after their graduation (iii) schools could lead to dissociation among students though generally having a unifying function. (iv) schools brought about social rupture as much as they enabled social integration.

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