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2017, Cilt 7, Sayı 2, Sayfa(lar) 282-293
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DOI: 10.5961/jhes.2017.207
Problems of Recently-Founded Universities in Turkey According to the Views of Faculty Members: A Qualitative Study
Ali Çağatay KILINÇ1, Osman ÇEPNİ2, Bahadır KILCAN3, Tevfik PALAZ4
1Karabük University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Educational Sciences, Karabük, Turkey
2Karabük University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Geography, Karabük, Turkey
3Gazi University, Faculty of Education, Department of Turkish and Social Sciences Education, Ankara, Turkey
4Ministry of National Education, Derbent Imam Hatip Secondary School, Social Studies Teacher, Ankara, Turkey
Keywords: Recently founded universities, Expansion of higher education, Karabük University, Turkey

A considerable number of new universities have recently been founded in Turkey due to various reasons. However, these universities have faced a number of problems arising from both their internal structure and dynamics and also social, cultural, and economic conditions of the area in which they have been founded. In this regard, the present study aimed at examining the problems the universities founded in Turkey since 2006 have been facing. This qualitative ‘case study’ was conducted with seven faculty members from different units of Karabuk University including faculty and vocational school. Data of the study were gathered via a semi-structured interview protocol that the researchers developed based on the related conceptual framework and expert opinions. Data were analyzed through both content and descriptive analysis. Results of the study revealed that participants of the current study categorized the problems of newly-founded universities under five dimensions of “the quality of education”, “physical facilities”, “social-cultural and academic activities”, “workload”, and “financial possibilities.”

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