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2017, Cilt 7, Sayı 3, Sayfa(lar) 441-452
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DOI: 10.5961/jhes.2017.221
Evaluations Relating to the Initial Results of Academic Incentive Application
İdris GÖKSU1, Yusuf İslam BOLAT2
1Mardin Artuklu University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Educational Sciences, Mardin, Turkey
Keywords: Academic incentive, Academic performance, Academic publishing, University success

The purpose of this study is to set forth the current situation of academic studies and to make an evaluation in terms of some variables by making a descriptive analysis of the initial results of the academic incentive application carried into effect in 2016. The data related to academic incentive commission evaluation results belonging to 86 of the total 107 state universities were obtained from the web pages of universities and these data were entered into the form consisting of title, gender, faculty and score headings. The data obtained in this study in which the survey model is used as a research method, were evaluated by making an examination in terms of regions, universities, units, title, gender, minimum score, maximum score and incentive rate. Furthermore, academic incentive scores were compared to 2015-2016 URAP rankings of universities and the resultant change was analyzed. It was observed that according to the results obtained; Hacettepe, Ege, Gebze Technical, Selçuk and Atatürk Universities come into prominence on the basis of academic incentive rate; Kastamonu, Niğde, Istanbul Medeniyet, Ege and Selçuk Universities on the basis of academic incentive averages; the faculties of pharmacy, sciences, aquaculture, engineering and agriculture on the basis of faculties. It was seen that the title-based incentive rates are as follows; associate professor, professor, assistant professor, research associate and the other. Considering the gender-based academic incentive rates, it was seen that 25.61% of males and 18.02%of females get academic incentive payment. It can be said that the academic performance is low in general when considering that the overall academic incentive rate is 22.58% and the academic incentive rate of 52 universities is below 20% among 86 universities and the academic incentive rate reflects the academic performances of universities. It is believed that the results obtained from this study are important for the universities and academic staff to make an evaluation about their academic performances.

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