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2017, Cilt 7, Sayı 3, Sayfa(lar) 515-522
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DOI: 10.5961/jhes.2017.228
Teacher’s Perceptions of the Student’s Sexual Education
Mehmet Şirin AKÇA, Melek ŞAHİN, Duygu ARSLAN
The Ministry of Education, Guidance and Counselling, Mardin, Turkey
Keywords: Sexual education, Sexuality, Teacher’s perception

Sexual education is the process of informing and awareness raising among children and teenagers about acceptance of gender roles and helping them to live with the characteristics of both genders. The purpose of this study is mainly to determine the teachers’ perception about sexual education. Study group consists of 244 teachers and school administrators. The data has been collected by means of “Form of Sexual Education” developed by the researchers. SPSS 15.00 statistical package has been used to analyze the data and the numbers, percentage values and x² test has been utilized to study differences. It is indicated in the study that 59 % of teachers have not got any education about sexuality and 46.3 % of them have learned the information about sexuality from media; 88.5 % of them think that sexual education have to take place at the schools, while 52.5 % of them think it should be employed by the health-caring employee; 45.5 % think that sexual education should take place in secondary school; 79.5 % of them think that teachers also have to take sexual education classes; 69.3 % of teachers, if possible, want to attend a class on sexual education; 45 % of them suggest that pre-marriage couples take sexual education and they also want to enroll in these classes if this education is enabled. Analyzing the data of the research, it has been observed that while teachers are in favor of sexual education classes for students, they suggest the sexual education classes are also needed for teachers.

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