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2019, Cilt 9, Sayı 1, Sayfa(lar) 052-064
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DOI: 10.5961/jhes.2019.309
Students’ Perceptions of Education and Teaching Quality in a Teacher Training Programme
Başkent University, Faculty of Education, Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technologies, Ankara, Turkey
Keywords: Education quality, Teaching quality, Teacher training programme, Student perceptions

The aim of this study is to examine students’ perceptions about the quality of education and teaching in a teacher education program. For this purpose, “Student Course Experience Scale“ which was adapted to Turkish by Özcan (2013) and whose validity and reliability studies were completed was used. In addition, an online semi-structured interview form consisting of open-ended questions was used to get detailed views of students on the quality of learning-teaching processes. The study included 74 students enrolled in a pedagogical formation certificate program of a private university. For quantitative analysis, t-test and one-way ANOVA for independent samples were used, and for qualitative analysis, content analysis was used. Student perceptions of education and teaching quality did not differ significantly according to their gender or graduated programme. Findings from the data provide clues about student perceptions and understanding of the quality of their learning process, including where they need support, and in which areas they feel competent. The findings of this study provide insights for teacher training programmes, institutions, and teaching staff. This study also discusses the factors that should be considered for educating qualified and competent teachers.

[ Türkçe Özet ] [ Tam Metin ] [ PDF ] [ Benzer Makaleler ]
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