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2019, Cilt 9, Sayı 1, Sayfa(lar) 166-179
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DOI: 10.5961/jhes.2019.319
The Determination of the Effect of the Dominant Hemisphere of the Brain in University Students on Entrepreneurship and Assertiveness
1Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing, Zonguldak, Turkey
2Uludağ University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing, Bursa, Turkey
3Istanbul Beylikdüzü State Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
Keywords: University student, Dominant hemisphere of the brain, Entrepreneurship, Assertiveness

This study was performed in order to determine the effect of cerebral dominance in university students on entrepreneurship and assertiveness. The universe of the study consisted of all of the university students studying at the Bulent Ecevit University in the 2014-2015 academic year while the sample consisted of 1167 students from among those who agreed to participate in the study. Data was collected using a “General Information Form” for sociodemographic characteristics, the “Cerebral Dominance Tool”, the “Rathus Assertiveness Scale” and the “Entrepreneurship Scale”. The cerebral dominance and entrepreneurship scores of the cases were found to show significant difference according to gender (p<0.05), and the cerebral dominance score was found to differ according to a year of study and whether the mother of the participant was alive (p<0.05). A significant relationship between the variables of paternal survival and the relationship between parents and cerebral dominance, entrepreneurship, and assertiveness scores was also found (p<0.05). A significant positive relationship between the cerebral dominance scores of the cases and entrepreneurship was found (p<0.05) with entrepreneurship and assertiveness scores increasing alongside cerebral dominance scores. The level of cerebral dominance affects entrepreneurship in students. For this reason, it has been suggested that the factors affecting cerebral dominance should be determined and that the positive factors should be improved. Thus, the entrepreneurship and assertiveness aspects of the students can be improved.

[ Türkçe Özet ] [ Tam Metin ] [ PDF ] [ Benzer Makaleler ]
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