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2019, Cilt 9, Sayı 2, Sayfa(lar) 277-286
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DOI: 10.5961/jhes.2019.330
Examination of Theses on Educational and Instructional Technologies (2013-2018)
Şule Betül TOSUNTAŞ1, Emrah EMİRTEKİN2, İrfan SÜRAL3
1Bursa Uludağ University, Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Sciences, Bursa, Turkey
2Yaşar University, Open and Distance Learning Center, Izmir, Turkey
3Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Faculty of Education, Department of Computer and Instructional Technology Education, Eskişehir, Türkiye
Keywords: Educational technology, Instructional technology, Research trends

As technology is an indispensable part of our lives, it is known that researches on educational and instructional technologies have intensified rapidly. In the studies, educational and instructional technologies are discussed in many ways, and these studies are essential in terms of putting the results into practice. By examining articles and theses published in the field, the scope, strengths, and weaknesses of the studies are determined; an important gap is filled in what future studies may be needed. There are many studies conducted in line with this purpose. However, since similar studies dealing with educational technologies have lost their timeliness, this study is considered important in terms of combining current research trends and results. The aim of this study is to examine thematic and methodological aspects of theses on educational and instructional technologies. The study was designed as a case study. The sample was not determined for theses to be included in the study, and it was aimed to reach the entire population. In this context, theses published in the last five years have been reached through the Higher Education Thesis Database. Keywords of “educational technologies” and “instructional technologies” have been used in the process. As a result of the scanning process, 190 theses were reached, and 148 theses, which are in accordance with the criteria of the study were included in the study. Data were collected by the researchers and analyzed by using content analysis. The findings are discussed in the sub-headings in parallel with the research problems. In the study, it is concluded that there is a decrease in the number of graduate theses and the conceptual confusion in terms of research methods and statistics.

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