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2019, Cilt 9, Sayı 3, Sayfa(lar) 363-374
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DOI: 10.5961/jhes.2019.338
Music and Human Voice in the Context of Mood
Cemalettin BAYDAĞ
Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University, State Conservatory, Department of Performing Arts, Zonguldak, Turkey
Keywords: Emotion, Mood, Human voice, Music psychology

Music is an international communication tool reflecting textures of different cultures and containing them in itself. It can be said that some aspects of the music cause positive or negative effects on people. Though it is considered that this situation arises out of the connective and connector aspect of the music, the inclusionary aspect of the music to the other fields (psychology, medicine, math, etc.) make it an irreplaceable part of interdisciplinary studies. Although it has been long known that music focuses on treatment, brain and physiological factories and cause positive development in these areas and also said to be the tongue of the emotions, the physiological features of the music are still based on contradictory and theoretical grounds. The emotional meaning existing in the structure of the voice enables people to find themselves in different moods when they start hearing it. This and similar situations transform the voice into an obligation rather than a searching of the voice itself by human kind throughout the ages or an effort to use it in a kind way. This transformation canalize people to new searching for new methods and hence this tendency has brought about development in parallel with that. Human voice is both one of the available tools that human beings use and it is considered one of the existing and continuous instrument in human bodies. Thus, the scientific and technologic developments provide gathering of the different disciplines for human voice as in many fields. Hence, after the influence of the human voice, trace belonging to personality, emotions and moods have been discovered, the human voice is integrated many parts of the life thanks to being an easy-to use device and being one of the amazement instrument for treatment. As not only our modern world is in a circulation with the scientific and technical innovations but the necessity to behave accordingly to today’s information and communication era brings about an innovative perspective and phenomenal developmental stage. Thus, in order to create the information and make it a pathfinder to humanity is only possible with the process, grasp, implication and assessment of it. Hence this development in scientific world also tries to make sense of human emotions. When viewed from this aspect in many fields ranged from visual arts to television, when it is intended to make an alteration in human emotions, it is understood that the primary tool is music or human voice to do so. Of the reasons of this preference, we can consider the universality of the music or its effects on people. It is important to make more research on this field in terms of the curative aspect of the music, the working potential that it creates in human brain, hand arm coordination of a musician, enabling directives for abrupt emotion changes (become feeling happy with a cheerful music when change a blue music) causing emotion changes in different fields such as drawing, sculpture, theatre and putting someone into the art work. Moreover, it is possible to say that there is an increase in the number of research on music, emotion and moods and it becomes a detailed area. Moreover, the relationship between music and mood has triggered an interaction among many interdisciplinary fields and the alteration, development and revolution in these fields cause an increase in the number of the researches conducted on music physiology.

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