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2015, Cilt 5, Sayı 1, Sayfa(lar)
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Şükrü Oğuz ÖZDAMAR
Dear Academicians and Researchers,

The Journal of Higher Education and Science have started the fifth year of its publication life with this April 2015 issue.

This issue includes studies on the Bologna Process and teaching of law, trends of financing higher education in the World and recommendations for Turkey, the ınterplay among academic self-concept, self-efficacy, selfregulation and academic achievement of higher education L2 learners, women academicians' self-perceptions, the attitudes of the faculty members to the performance evaluation system, academic staff's views about ınternational scholarships and support programs, problems of midwifery in Turkey, academic dishonesty behaviors according to pre-service teachers, and the views of the social studies teachers about in 4+4+4 educational system.

I wish to thank to all who contributed a lot of effort in accomplishing the current journal standards, to authors, and to our referees who evaluated the papers.

With my best wishes,

Professor Şükrü Oğuz ÖZDAMAR, M.D.


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